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The Stables Bar

888 Hay St, Perth, WA
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The Stables Bar is a fresh-faced venue, housed in one of Perth’s original horse stables. Upon walking through a set of old iron gates at the entrance to the lane way on Hay Street, customers are immediately transported away from the bustle of central Perth, to a landscaped oasis with a totally different environment. The relaxed yet stylish atmosphere is designed to give customers the opportunity to enjoy an inviting casual meeting, eating and socialising venue.

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What To Expect @ The Stables Bar

Review By Elizabeth Cahill

The Stables Bar is a rustic little bar just off Hay Street. A small alleyway opens into the small bar which is dual-levelled. The downstairs bar is bare-brick walls, which matches the alleyway entrance and dotted with greenery in small pots that stands out against the warm colour palettes used. The quirky lighting also stands out and reinforces the ‘stable’ idea as they resemble lights used in and around stables. The bar is simple looking and utilises its surrounding environment to create a rustic and warm bar to hide away in.

The upstairs bar is a little fancier whilst still utilising the bare brick behind the bar. The rest of the bar is coloured in stark whites and brow-greens that bring out the old photographs hanging up on the wall behind the single line of tables. The restored photographs add to the historical aspect that the Stables Bar is based upon and fit in with the colour scheme, so the past is still present in the modern setting.

The balcony bar is perfect for small functions. It offers clear views of the modest city, especially on clear summer nights. The relaxed wooden décor gives the balcony a relaxed and summer feel, no matter what time of the year. The balcony also has a window that leads to the bar, so saves the hassle of having to go back inside to order drinks.

The clientele range from people in their mid-twenties to early-forties. On a Friday, the late afternoon to early evening patrons are those who have ducked in for a drink after work to bring the weekend in and as the evening grows later, people start to come in, more dressed up for a drink or two with friends. The bar has a more casual feel than most of the bars in Perth, so whilst the men are still encouraged to wear dress shoes, the women tend to wear nice flats or low heels.

On a Friday night, a DJ is set up in the corner of the downstairs bar near the stairs and comes through the speakers throughout the bar. The music selection is good with popular chart music mixed with club and is set a level that allows for conversations to continue without being overpowered. The venue is quite noisy anyway, purely from the amount of people that fit into the venue but the noise is not overpowering like a club.

The issue with the Stables Bar is that unless you have a table, of any sort, you can’t order food. If you manage to snag a bar table you can order from the grazing menu but there’s no chance of ordering any proper meals unless you are physically at a sit down table or booth. The food pricing isn’t the cheapest around but in a bar in the city the prices are about average (you might pay a couple of dollars less or more at other places nearby) and they offer food for all different dietary requirements.

The drinks menu is extensive but reasonably priced; the cocktails are unique and fun and sit around the $18-$20 mark, which is about normal. The wine list is extensive, offering a range of reds and whites as well as reserve wines, and the range of beers are at the higher spectrum of beer qualities and reasonably priced with most sitting around the $9 mark.

In a world full of metal and flashy materials, the Stable Bar takes you back to the bare basics. The bar doesn’t feel overwhelming and flashy, but instead is a place where you go to have a drink and meet new people. It feels like a world away from the surrounding city and it isn’t until you step out into the street again, that you are reminded of where you are.

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