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The Old Crow

172 Newcastle St, Perth, WA
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Yup, we're a restaurant. But we're also much more than that. We're a bunch of lookers, charmers and all round nice folk. We're a heritage building, filled with a bucket load of character. We're also a kick ass culinary team set on a path to melt your face off with food made from splendor and delight. We're a cocktail & wine list so brilliantly itemized, your pants feel a little tight all of a sudden. We're the third wheel in your marriage of whom your partner feels both excessively jealous and a little smitten. We're your best friend, best man, best director, favourite album, lucky number, comfortable shoes and fresh socks. Don’t believe us? Well, there's only one way to find out...

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What To Expect @ The Old Crow

Review By Revathie Dhanabalan

The world’s a big, big stage for this quaint restaurant that is tucked innocently in the middle of Newcastle Street, where old heritage is met with new architecture. It’s not often that one finds a place that excites your palates and yet offers a wonderfully relaxed environment. Having been voted as one of Perth’s best new restaurants in The New York Times this year, The Old Crow undoubtedly lives up to its name.

Since opening mid-last year, I’ve been here many times but my first experience had me hooked from the very moment I tasted the sensational creamy duck parfait with pear jam and charred bread ($16).

The Old Crow is the kind of place that does exciting but affordable things with food. The simple décor of a restored home, is accentuated with plenty of American-esq trinkets accompanied with quirky waiters dressed in suspenders. There were plenty of outdoor dining tables for the warmer nights and a fair number of heavy wood tables indoors that are great for large group of people.

The menu pairs ingredients and flavours in an intriguing but pleasing manner by offering diverse range of items, from molasses cured beef with pickles ($12) for starters to Bourbon & cola sticky pudding with vanilla bean ice cream ($15) for desserts.

The menu is not only confined to its Southern roots but combines a medley of flavours that entices a patron to experiment with different scopes of tastes. I found a certain sense of satisfaction when we were instantly greeted with the generous amount of food that was plated in a rustic manner. The mains were separated between small and big plates such as simple rye smoked salmon with beetroot remoulade ($17) and delicious jerk pork, smokey red beans with pineapple ketchup ($30).

The cocktail menu is definitely one to look forward to at The Old Crow. For cocktail enthusiasts, this menu is a dream come true as it boasts recipes that call for time and effort such as the Southern Gentlemen ($17). One for the brave, I tried the Ramos Gin Fizz ($16) mixed with Gin, orange blossom water and egg whites. In a world of drinks populated by Red Bull and cheap vodka, this vintage drink that is considered as a near-forgotten cocktail, was excellently made at The Old Crow.

The Old Crow is the perfect mix of innovation and comfort along with attentive wait-staff who are committed to making your experience a charmed one. The Old Crow holds its own identity and offers something very unique to that of a typical Perth restaurant.

There are few places in Perth that excite me as a patron and now I am so thrilled to say that The Old Crow is certainly one to add to that list. For anyone with an open mind, The Old Crow will delight and titillate your taste buds!

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