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The Boheme

300 Murray St, Perth, WA
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Inspired by the sophistication and elegance of the roaring 20's, The Boheme provides a luxurious backdrop for your night out on the town. Whether it's a girls only affair, after works drinks or quiet night with that someone special, The Boheme located in Perth's CBD provides their guests with something a little bit different from your run of the mill bars and clubs. Why don't you check it out for yourself.

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Review By Fiona Brewer

Goodbye hard-yakka work boots and hello Jimmy Choo's! What was once a place with more high-vi's than a flood light has been transformed into a demure and stylish chic bar. Welcome to the newly built CBD bar, The Boheme.

It was a sad loss for tradies all over worksites across town when the famous Bobby Dazzlers poured its last beer, but in its stead comes something with a bit more sophistication and a lot more appeal to the urban explorer.

The Boheme oozes panache and sophistication in a casual and almost lazy manner. It has a truly decadent and smooth aesthetic with some of the most gorgeous light fittings you'll come across. The inside is filled with chocolate tones and gold hues with lazy couches and lounges set up strategically for people watching. It's got a very European feel about the place and even though it is quite an open plan you feel like you're in your own little world. The whole place has a very new and 'sparkly' look about it which draws the eye in.

For so many years I have been searching for this mythical place which has some competent bar tenders, and for eons of drink orders I've been disappointed. The Boheme gave me a pleasant surprise with not just enough staff on to keep the lines and thirsty people at bay, but also staff with a personality! I know, I know - I didn't think it could be done either but the Boheme did deliver. Word of warning: the bouncers are at the complete opposite end of the scale. On the weekend I've noticed they can be a little trigger happy and dress standards tend to vary on a scale of what mood they're feeling that day.

Now one thing that lets this place down is the prices. Im trying really hard not to sound like a tight arse but the drinks menu is nothing amazing. It's above average with a fairly good selection of whites and red, (stock standard spirits and cocktails), but they are priced as if they were made with holy monk tears. This has therefore ensured the cliental is a little bit more 'well to do...' and you'll come across some suits and secretaries hanging around the beer taps. Another thing that blew me away was that they felt they could charge more for 'pint' (It was actually a schooner which is about 120ml less) of James Squire than The Generous Squire (The James Squire Bar) which is only a two minute walk away. There was food available for order but after re-mortgaging my house in order to get a few drinks I thought it best to run over the road for some Maccy Dees.

There is an Alfresco area but NO SMOKING! And you actually have to walk around the corner if you are keen for a cigarette. I thoroughly recommend finding a spot on the couches near the window and sit back with a large glass of red and compete in some 'people watching.' It is the new sport to sweep the nation and will provide you with bounties of conversation points. I thoroughly recommend Friday evenings as its late night shopping and a whole bag of mixed lollies will come past your gaze!

All in all I think The Boheme is a much better establishment than its predecessor, but needs to make some serious adjustments on the prices if it wants to maintain accessibility to all.

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