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Terrace Lounge

185 St George Tce, Perth, WA
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The Terrace Lounge is nestled right in the heart of Perth's CBD. Our open design and comfy furniture makes for a very relaxed atmosphere to enjoy a tasty beverage or meal with friends. We'll welcomingly seat you for a delicious Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or quick bite and while you're enjoying your food why not wash it all down with a refreshing beverage or something a little more decadent, perhaps a cocktail? The Terrace Lounge is very popular for business luncheons, functions and the after work crowds alike.

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Terrace Lounge Review

Review By Leanne Tay

It is no surprise to a common Perthian that the town's CBD is home to many of the swankiest bars and lounges this wonderful city has to offer. So when I first came across the Terrace Lounge, I already envisioned what I would be walking in on... and I can assure you it is like exactly what you may be picturing (given you are an aforementioned Perthian).

As it is located in the heart of the business district, I knew parting a sea of suits stands as a high possibility. And turns out I was correct - not that there is a real issue with that! In fact, I would even consider giving Terrace a couple brownie points for reeling in the amazing quota: suited up males is almost as delectable as the cocktails I was putting away that night.

Terrace Lounge is a rather spacious place with a few choices to settle on in regards to where you would prefer to park for the night. Whether you favour inside or outside, Terrace Lounge well accommodates. There is a line of tables and stools inside the lounge that is perfectly positioned parallel to the bar. The outside section refers to the alfresco area and this overlooks the out outside seating area. When the evening darkens the lounge is dimmed and calmly lit up with pastel lights. This cleverly added to the somewhat relaxed atmosphere. I say somewhat because at the point of almost relaxation, something like "Like a G6" would start playing as by my request and that threshold would just not get crossed.

While you are busy getting your drinks on, the DJs will get hearts pumping to the sounds of Top 40, funk, electro, house and trance. Something I want to point out is even though there is a DJ scratching away, I love that I can still manage to hold a conversation with my inside voice and not have to yell in someone's ear even though they are sitting right in front of me. Well played Terrace, well played.

Past the 4pm mark, the destination becomes popular for the after work crew. Fridays normally draw in a larger crowd for obvious reasons along with Terrace's Friday incentives. It is truly difficult to pass up drinks that cost much less than a usual cover charge. With free entry and quality $9 cocktails like Cosmopolitans and Mojitos keeping me company for a good few hours, I regrettably felt the ruthless brute of the repercussions the next morning... but it was totally worth it. Don't have a palate for cocktails? Well, pints start from $7.50 and Vodka mixed with Mother will only set you back $8.50.

The Terrace Lounge is not exactly a "place to be" sort of bar but if you happen to be in the area and fancy a drink then by all means. Both friendly and accommodating is how I would describe it. I had a rather fine time while I was there, but when you mix superb company with equally as amazing cocktails, the rest takes care of itself really.

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