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Rubix Bar

334 Murray St, Perth, WA
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Rubix Bar is situated at the cosmopolitan West End of the Perth CBD. Designed as an extension of the inner city lifestyle, Rubix takes its influence from bars and cafes in Europe and our own East Coast. Friends, cocktails, premium spirits, great wines, stylish relaxed atmosphere, tunes and as close to the street scape as you can get standing in a bar, Rubix offers a unique day or night time inner city experience. Lounge or Alfresco. The bar boasts stylish modern decor inside and a large terrace outside whilst indulging your senses into upbeat sounds, sensational cocktails and sumptuous food.

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Rubix Bar Review

Review by Tom Zaunmayr

Rubix Bar on Murray Street is one of those places that somehow people don’t seem to know about. Located right on Murray Street, smack bang in the middle of the train station and Carnegies and across the road from Belgian Beer Café, you’d think it’d be one of the most well known names in town…well its not!

For those who pay even the slightest bit of attention in the city on the weekend, Rubix Bar is a brightly coloured, super chic and surprisingly spacious micro bar with loads to offer. It’s a place where time controls the crowd. Come around during daylight & the bar will be filled with young professionals talking what little they’ve learnt of the business world so far. Wednesday, Friday & Saturday nights are a different story!

As the moon rises the revelers arrive. The arrogant, inattentive masses rush right past the blue and red laden bar, keen to beat the line at Capitol or Carnegies. Young lads and ladies in the know stop at The Boheme, BBC, the Moon… or Rubix. And why not? It’s a great place for post pre/pre club drinks! The decadent lighting dances with mellow house music and the modern art inspired décor curves its way around the tiny room, making it seem quite spacious.

What Rubix does best is cocktails. The list stretches five pages long, and wont cost you more that $25. Even the staunch beer drinkers (such as myself) are enticed by the very exotic sounding drinks. For the daring, I would most certainly suggest an infamous Long island Iced Tea – four standard drinks that go down like water - enough to get you started (and finished depending on your tolerance!) for a good night.

Cocktails aren’t the end of the story at Rubix though. The small bar offers a decent array of beers and wines for those who are really adverse to a gander in the world of cocktails. They have a great food menu too, and it’s surprisingly cheap! A big share platter will set you back $30, while chips and dip are a modest $6.

The even mixture of cultured youth & early 30s are mostly dressed for clubbing, as Rubix mostly serves the pre-drink crowd. Shined shoes, heels, collared shirts, dresses etc. are the norm; Rubix likes to keep its dress standards at least as high as the surrounding clubs.

So if you happen to have no one offering up his or her house for pres, or have those annoying “I wanna go out right now” friends at pres then Rubix is great for you. It offers well-priced drinks, cheap food & an atmosphere to get you into club mood.

Being right in the heart of the Perth clubbing scene makes Rubix bar an ideal location to gather up the mates and discuss the “battle plan” for the night ahead!

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