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My Place Bar

70 Pier Street, Perth, WA
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My Place Bar & Restaurant really is just like home! Located in the heart of Perth City our open design and funky furniture makes for a very welcoming and relaxed bar. We are open seven days a week for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner or for just a quick bite and refreshing drink. Popular with both travellers and tourists alike, My Place is dedicated to providing both a friendly and memorable experience.

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My Place Bar Review

Review by Sadie Davidson

Can a night out really be as cheap as a night in? It can at My Place! No, not my place...My Place, corner of Pier and Murray St, in the city. The bar and restaurant has recently been renovated and boy did they do a good job! The place has a complete new lease of life and the party's always crankin' at My Place.

This cute little bar is one of the most welcoming venues I have visited in Perth. From the guys on door to the bar staff, everyone treats each other like family, and that's what I love about My Place. Even if it's your first visit, you are made to feel right at home.

Although the bar and restaurant are open every night, weekends are when My Place really comes to life. Karaoke on Fridays and live DJ's on Saturdays ensure a great night for all. My place encourages everybody to join in, get on the dance floor and have a great time. The crowd drawn to My Place is a real mixture from all different age ranges and backgrounds.

The atmosphere is so warm and welcoming that it's impossible to feel out of place. It's one of the only bars where you can string up a conversation with a stranger at the bar, without having to endure them hitting on you for the rest of the night! Everybody is just looking to meet new people and have an awesome time!

The decor is neat and well finished, although not quite as 'homely" as you would expect from a bar called "My Place". It's modern and sleek, but the bar area is a little small, and the dance floor is also a little compact when it gets busy.

Pricing is where My Place really shines. It's one of the only bar's you can get a pint for less than 10$ and with drink specials including $7 cocktails, no your eye's are not deceiving you, $7, for a cocktail! At that price, it would be unthinkable not to have one of everything!

It just a shame that it closes at midnight, as with cheap drinks, great music and an awesome crowd, it would be easy to party into the early hours. Location wise, there isn't many other places to go once midnight strikes. Ambar is just across the street but it wouldn't be to the taste of the majority of the My Place regulars.

In short, My Place is fun, friendly and so damn affordable! You even get free finger food between 5-6pm, does it get any better than that? I think not! So, what are you waiting for? Get down to My Place!

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A Second Review of My Place Bar

Review By Leanne Tay

It's Friday evening and you are just finishing up at your desk. The second hand on the clock is just about to hit 5.30 and you are wondering where to stop off straight after you step foot out of there. Not you? Well either way, still trot yourself down to My Place Bar for a night filled with cheap cocktails and open mic karaoke. Located close by and down Pier Street in the Perth CBD, it is a hard one to miss.

My Place is the ultimate place to reside for those after a lazy laidback evening of drinking. A bonus? No lines and no cover charge. The first impressions of the bar immediately told me what kind of a night I was expected to have. The decor is not particularly dashing or fancy but I think that works to its advantage. There is plenty of seating to accommodate the masses and the furnishings can only be described as homey chic. Maybe its tacky, maybe its cheesy and that couch definitely doesn't match its surroundings but hey, it sits true to its name. Mi casa es su casa.

Because My Place is a bar and restaurant it attracts people of all ages. And really, I kid you not. On both occasions that I decided to pop in I had both the company of small child and a group of middle-aged men. In no way was it overly off-putting but in all honesty it was a tad odd to be drinking a cocktail in the midst of both parties at the same time. The small child did offer a mild form of entertainment as he was dancing solo and attempting to break dance on the dance floor to Usher's OMG track. Too cute.

On a Friday night, the karaoke kings and queens come out to play. I must say it was almost like watching an episode of the Australian Idol auditions. But worse. You can't change the channel. The revival of the catchy old school tunes did take me back. I was floating in a sea of wonderful nostalgia and found myself singing along to I don't wanna miss a thing and Love Shack. Though I managed to restrain myself when Taylor Swift began to play.

As expected Saturday nights draw in a bigger crowd. But the best thing about the bar on a Saturday night is the drinks specials. With $7 cocktails all night and pints starting from $7.50 it is a good place to go to set in motion a good night out. There really is no excuse to not try them all. The later the night progresses the dimmer the lights go and the louder the music gets. With low-priced cocktails and electro house playing through the air, the evening will surely culminate on a good note.

So the final words: A casual place, friendly staff, great music, an eclectic range of people, cheap drinks, and lively atmosphere, convinced yet? Must I really go on? Didn't think so.

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