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Ginger Nightclub

Level 1, 434 William St, Perth, WA
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Ginger is for serious party people with great tunes and good times. Enjoy a drink from the seriously stocked bar and make the most of our raised dance floor and jumbo podium. With a progressive music policy directed by club music stalwart, and DJ Reuben you can expect to hear big room house music with a twist of tech and a slice of party pushed through a state of the art Nexo sound system. Love too Ginger's super cool and cosy interior with its oriental hints of fiery red and spicy orange... perfect to settle into 'til the early hours. Like all great spaces the venue is designed with punters in mind with private lounges for groups and functions to the 30 foot long bar, Ginger is perfect to settle into 'til the early hours.

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Ginger Nightclub Review

Review By Leanne Tay

I have noticed something recently, a certain general pattern among some of Perth's newest nightclubs and what they are attempting to convey. They say "an exciting and innovative club experience" like none of us Perthians have ever encountered before. So one Saturday evening, I decided to road test one of these claims. Which brings me nicely to Ginger Nightclub. After much commotion and promotion, I am afraid the talk may have overshadowed the walk. But before I get to the end, let me break it down.

Ginger is located on William Street, pretty squarely in Chinatown I would say, so it was a cinch to locate. With the absence of a queue and a $10 cover charge it was not long before we ascended up the stairs towards the club floor.

Naturally because the club is named Ginger, the decor is lit up and furnished with red and amber shades. The place itself is rather spacious and for one big space, there is also a dynamic aspect to it. As I look around I could not shed the feeling that the club was still a 'work in progress'. It felt like the venue was unfinished or there were more features looking to be added. I can't quite pinpoint why though. Perhaps it was because Ginger was not experiencing a great turn out that night or it could be that there was nothing there that I have not seen before. I believe generic is the word I am after here. Now having said that, if the numbers that night were not so slim it could have been a rather wonderful time to be had. Possibly.

The general feel is more like bar rather than a club. Again this could stem from the absence of a few or more people. There was a lack of real energy amongst the crowd or within the atmosphere. There was evidence of inebriated energy, plenty in fact; but I am actually referring to the liveliness that gets the entire club going. Even for those who are not lucky enough to be in the wonderful state of intoxication. The music was trying it's best to stun the Ginger goers but it was not too successful unfortunately. The newest commercial beats is what you will experience if you decide to pay Ginger a visit.

For a place that was not too well endowed with clubbers that night, I sure waited a long while for bar service. It was appalling really. I had a quick chat with the people beside me and they too were astounded by the delay. The upside however, is that drinks were all moderately priced ranging around the $10 mark.

There was a good mix of ages 25 and under at Ginger. There was no emphasis on a specific age group which I would consider a plus. Unlike most other clubs nowadays, Ginger's dress code is rather lenient so long as what you are sporting is presentable.

So now we have reached the end and I believe we have a final verdict. As I mentioned earlier, for a relatively new club claiming to offer a new clubbing experience, it sadly disappoints. Not to say it pales too much in comparison with everywhere else as the music and laidback venue might just be enough to keep it in the game. But I'll let you be the judge of that.

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