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Cheeky Sparrow

6/317 Murray St (access via Wolf Lane)
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Cheeky Sparrow, Perth’s quirkiest new small bar has taken flight. Nestled in Wolf Lane deep within the heart Perth’s fashion precinct and will lure a discerning and eclectic clientele.

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Cheeky Sparrow Review

Review by Sadie Davidson

If you can find it, The Cheeky Sparrow is the place to be, for a fun, relaxed Friday or Saturday night.

Tucked away in Wolfe Lane, just off Murray St, The Cheeky Sparrow is quickly becoming a hot-spot for those looking to have a good night out in Perth's CBD. This little bar is one of many diverse spaces popping up all over the city, offering cafe style food during the day, but by nightfall, the Sparrow transforms into a cosy, yet trendy wine bar. Unlike some, the transition between cafe to bar is executed perfectly. Many who visit the Sparrow at night would have no idea of its day time alter ego.

The modern yet cosy decor creates a warm, welcoming vibe but still manages to create an aura of modern sophistication. The bar has a rustic feel to it, contrasting a mix of new and old, making you feel right at home whilst out on the town. For a small bar, there is a surprising sense of openness. Perhaps, due to the open plan design with the upper levels looking over the rest of the bar. The quirky layout and design creates a unique experience in what would otherwise be just one of many CBD small bars.

The welcoming atmosphere doesn't end with the decor. The staff are some of the nicest I have ever experienced. From the bouncer to the bar tenders, they all have a friendly attitude and will go the extra mile to make the night one to remember.

The Sparrow encourages a smart/casual dress code and attracts a diverse crowd, from the trendiest hipster to young professionals enjoying casual after work drinks. The Sparrow is so inviting that anybody can come drink and have a good time and not feel out of place.

The only downfall is that it does get busy fairly early on in the night, but if you're happy to stand, you won't be disappointed.

The food and drinks menu cannot be faulted, with reasonably priced drinks and a good selection of light snacks. Although, choose your cocktails carefully as they are a little hit and miss, ranging in price from $18- $20. Some were an absolute delight whilst others didn't quite hit the spot.

All in all, The Cheeky Sparrow offers a relaxed atmosphere with reasonably priced drink. It's not the place to go if you're looking to have the night of your life, but for a few chilled-out after word drinks, you cannot fault it.

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