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Belgian Beer Cafe

Cnr King & Murray St, Perth
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Located in the heart of Perth's CBD, the Belgian Beer Cafe provides patrons with a venue to enjoy any time of day. Whether you're popping in for lunch, dinner, or a quick beer, this venue can cater to all your needs.

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Belgian Beer Cafe

Review by Tom Zaunmayr

Belgian Beer Café offers exactly what the name implies – a little slice of Belgium situated right in the heart of Perth cities clubbing scene. A place for serious beer aficionados to really feel at home with rare, exotic & very different Belgian brews.

For those not well versed in the art of beer drinking, the only name you will recognize is Stella Artois - and even that is the proper Belgian brew, not the Fosters imitation that we’re all used to. Belgian Beer Café is an enterprising idea that has filled the fine beer void across many Australian cities.

With most bars & nightclubs tending towards fancy cocktails it is refreshing to see that Belgian Beer Café has remained a fortress for Beer. The design is distinctly Belgian – classical European styled wooden furniture and faded paintings & phrases plastered all over the walls really do make you feel like you’ve stepped into Europe.

The exterior is decidedly low key. The beer garden trails out onto the sidewalk, covered by old-school stitched umbrellas. Out here you can sit back and laugh at the typical going ons of a Perth city night with the sense that you’re just a little classier than everyone.

What you come here for is the beer, and – if you are into the finer side of beers - the list is simply mind-blowing. Trappist Ales, Belgian Wheats, Saisons, Leffe and many more tantalizing Belgian delights all expertly poured into designated glasses to maximize taste.

Yes it is expensive, ranging from $12- $17 per drink, but you get what you pay for. The bar staff are experts at their trade, with many competing in National & International pouring competitions. Furthermore the staff can expertly match their drinks to specific meals much the way that the best restaurants do with wine.

Assumedly due to the prices you do not see many 18-21 year olds indulging their tastebuds. The crowd is a little older, mainly 25+ catching up with mates over a fine beer. But really, for anyone who finds Hahn, Tooheys, Cartlon etc. a little tasteless, Belgian Beer Café is a must try experience. And for those who like to live large $40 and 1 shoe (you get the shoe & $20 back upon completion) will get you a yard glass of Belgiums most iconic beer – Pauwel Kwak.

They do have daily specials, however they don’t make Belgian Beer Café any more attractive to those looking for cheap nights. Live acoustic & soul music fills the air most nights to add a nice touch to the background, only adding to the European ideal the place conveys. Come down on Sundays and you can enjoy the novelty of drinking from one-litre steins.

The Belgian Beer Cafe is a great place for those who consider themselves well-learned beer drinkers, a great place for those wanting to expand their tastebuds and introduce themselves to well made beer and a great place for those wanting an accurate representation of Belgian culture. However for a cheap night, its best to walk straight past to one of the many cheaper places on offer within the CBD vicinity.

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