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Northbridge, Perth

The Bird

181 William St, Northbridge, WA
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We're at 181 William St, Amongst other cool bars, the new state theatre, a burger joint and the 'On William' creative/retail collective. Good people and good music, 7 days a week.

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What to Expect @ The Bird

By Hamish Hastie

Bird is the word (sorry-had to do it). Seriously though, this unsuspecting room sitting on William St has to be Perth's new gem. Matching versatility with old school charm, walk past here and don't walk in and you'll be depriving yourself of a unique night out.

I'd seen Bird before in passing but thought nothing of it. From the outside it looks like a simple cafe with old couches and quirky decor for the alternative among us to enjoy coffee and talk about how to look homeless. One night however, I'd decided to check it out after walking past and being intrigued by the bass bellowing from within.

Since I'd found out about this place I thought it only catered to live bands and indie in particular, but this Friday night Dubstep seemed to be the weapon of choice. Being a fan of the genre I ventured in and instantly found a connection with the decor. It looks exactly like a cafe (as I understand, it is during the day) and the old styling provides a feast for your eyes; you could just look at everything for hours.

For a cafe however, Bird is surprisingly functional as a nightspot (it's not quite a club, nor a bar). The seats line the front of the narrow entrance and are adjacent to the bar. The further you walk into the place, the closer you get to the stage where the music is played. The greatest part of Bird has to be the outdoor/smokers area. Accompanied with its own mobile bar, you can enjoy the music drifting from inside under the stars and in some genuinely old brickwork. It feels like a backyard party when you were 17 with plenty of drinking, loud talking and soft music. I spent most of my night out here and I don't even smoke...

Prices aren't bad here either. $7 pints and free entry (on Saturday's there is a cover charge) make for a fairly priced night. The people are slightly alternative but after a few pints and you'll forget they even exist. Check what's playing on the night though, you may arrive one night to find a genre of music you hate being blasted all night.

Don't be a caged chook - try something different. Bird offers a night out completely different to anywhere else in Perth. It's dingy and packed full of charm and will take you back to the days of house parties. If more of these places pop up in Perth that caters for varied music tastes I'll be a very happy Avian enthusiast.

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