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Northbridge, Perth

Rocket Room

174 James St, Northbridge, Perth, WA
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Rocket Room is Perth's #1 venue for live music. It is the choice of some of the best local original artists and touring acts alike. We pride ourselves on being the 'go-to' venue for international musicians who want to have a drink in a relaxing and friendly environment because we know how to look after our 'VIPs'. Rocket Room belies its external appearance. The sharp clean lines of the renovated room, the friendly staff, the signature handmade Tasmanian Oak bar and the range of music being played, you quickly learn why it has become Perth's #1 Live Music Venue and has emerged from almost anonymity to recognition on the full Australian music circuit.

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The Rocket Room Review

Review By Cassandra Auzins

I had always regarded the Rocket Room as a place for aging rockers and extras out of Wayne's World. In a sense I was half right, but through the inviting front doors, I found something more than that.

Originally I wasn't going to visit Rocket Room, but a co-worker persuaded me to come and watch her friend's band, which were part of the usual Friday new rock line-up list. When I arrived, I was greeted by friendly door girls and charged the ever present $10 door fee. Stamped and ready to go, I walked into the small club and was greeted by dim red-tinted views and eardrum blowing music coming from the stage upfront. I made my way to the bar to grab a drink and was greeted by bartenders who were attentive, but certainly didn't do their work with a smile. Strangely enough, they don't serve Coronas but a pint of tap beer will only set you back $8.50.

Open Wednesday, Fridays, Saturdays and the first Thursday of every month, Rocket Room is known as the place for hard rock and to my surprise, Australian hip-hop. Hosting not only local but recognized international acts, it caters to not only the formerly mentioned aging rockers and Wayne's World rejects but also indie types and arts students engaged in photography and music degrees. With Wildboyz playing on the TVs and signs asking for No Dickheads or chewing gum, it is definitely not the place for 18-year-olds looking to hit the dance floor.

My tips for going here are minimal but essential. If you're not good with loud noises, take earplugs because it is extremely loud during sets. Also, when watching bands, opt to stand close to the stage. I was sitting in the booths up the back and found that the allocation of the bar in the middle of the club blocked a lot of the sound of the bands and spoiled the acoustics for us.

I repeat once again, Rocket Room is not for the faint hearted. Its goal is to cater to the rockers at heart and it does that while oozing style. The crowds it caters to are a small but dedicated bunch here in Perth, but I think that adds to it in the fact that you actually have space to breathe. All in all, Rocket Room is a good place to let out your inner rocker and head-bang the night away.

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