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Library Nightclub

69 Lake Street, Northbridge, WA
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Located at the upper end of Lake Street the Library brings a new concept of style to Northbridge. Fusing elements of bars, clubs and lounges into the one venue, the Library is your all night destination venue. Meticulously renovated and crafted the four bars set over three levels provide a luxurious escape from the outside world. Stylishly appointed, the bespoke surrounds are of another world. But look further beyond the glow of the crystal chandeliers and hidden beneath the velvet and timber clad interior are intelligent lighting and an impressive sound system that will satisfy even the most discerning of clubbers.

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Library Nightclub Review

Review by Jeremy Truong

High school teenagers laugh at it, university students live in it, but since it was opened in Northbridge, one of Perth’s hottest nightclubs has brought a whole new meaning to the term “Library”.

Located in the heart of Northbridge on Lake Street, the popular nightclub plays host to some of the biggest events in Perth, with Dorcia and Sneaky held on alternative Friday nights and MKT on Saturday nights.

On particular nights the queue to enter can be excruciatingly long, but once you step foot inside, it is well-worth the wait and $15 entry fee.

The design of the Library incorporates the warmth and relaxation of a lounge room, the style and etiquette of a bar, and party nature of a nightclub – all into one big social central. And the two levels and three bars let everyone enjoy the night out their own way.

As you walk in, to the right, are little cozy booths where you can enjoy a drink and be able to talk to your friends. Also downstairs are two separate bars; so if you fear you may take a while to be served, simply hop over to the next bar and you will no doubt get your drink swiftly. Also at the back of the room, in the middle of the dance floor, is a gazebo which adds to the hospitable feeling.

The lower floor feels quite open with its high ceiling, lively coloured walls, and streaming lights. And as you go upstairs, the décor and atmosphere changes, and the rhythm of the fast-paced music takes over.

A huge blast of current chart-toppers hits you in the face and the urge to head to the dance floor begins to overwhelm you. If you are not in the mood just yet, you will be soon as you find yourself at the bar. Drinks here are relatively cheap, and you will not be stung by any nasty prices.

The appearance of the room is much different than below – it has clever interior including sculptures and decorations of books and shelves on the walls, giving it that library look. And in some places around the room, the actual texture of the walls is similar to a leather couch with studs.

The Library has been the centre of controversies in the past, but that ugly chapter appears to be a thing of the past. The popular nightclub definitely is an outing which can be enjoyed by everyone. Expect to see a young crowd, aged between 18 and 23, who enjoy their dance music.

It is easy to see why this hotspot is one of Perth’s favourite nightclubs and why people always leave knowing they have had a good time. The patrons, the music, the staff, and the atmosphere all are so well put together, it makes for an excellent night out.

So if your books and tea are not ticking all the boxes on weekends, grab some friends and be sure to catch up on some readings at The Library Nightclub.

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A Second Review of Library Nightclub

Review By Ashley Huston

The Library nightclub situated on Lake Street amongst the major party district of Northbridge is possibly the most evocative club in WA. Like no other club in Perth with its patterned metal ceilings and leather-studded walls, The Library's baroque and gothic styling evokes feelings of decadence and sin.

Entrance to The Library on a Saturday night is $15. However if you become a fan of the club on Facebook before 3pm on a Friday you are automatically added to the clubs VIP list and get free priority entry before 10pm. All the bars are manned by efficient and friendly bar staff and drink prices are fairly standard with a vodka and pineapple juice setting you back $8.50.

The Library's large open feel can be attributed to the high ceilings - a nice change from many of Northbridge's other clubs, which can often feel cramped and over crowded. The downstairs room features two bars but the focus is not on them but on the extravagant and beautiful black gazebo in the middle of the dance floor. This is the centre of activity on the club's ground floor, which is full of people either dancing or enjoying a drink from the bar.

The second crowning feature downstairs is the velvet-curtained booths on the right side of the room, perfect for chilling out with friends and having a drink. An ATM is located on the opposite side of the main bar, which unfortunately was out of service when I first entered, but was fixed a few hours later highlighting The Library's dedication to customer service.

Travel up the stairs next to the DJ booth to enter The Library's second floor for a change of scene. Here the music is loud and dancing is the focus, but the decor is still captivating. The walls are lined with faux books in keeping with the clubs title but the dark elegance central to The Library is still present. There are a few smaller booths lining the hallway between the stairs and the dance floor which don't have the intimacy of the ones downstairs and are mainly for those resting tired soles after hours of dancing. The Library clientele tends to be between 18 and 25 and all are there to have a great night.

The Library nightclub is definitely worth a visit if only to view its lavish and decadent decor. The atmosphere is lively and energetic with clubbers moving frequently upstairs and downstairs torn between the two dance floors.

Become a fan on Facebook and spend a Saturday night at The Library for a fantastic night out with friends.

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