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Sail and Anchor

64 South Tce
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Sail and Anchor Review

Review by Tom Zaunmayr

Sail & Anchor in Fremantle is WA's bastion of beer. Boasting an impressive 40 (including three hand pumps) taps, Sail & Anchor tavern opens the Corona crowds’ eyes to the incredible potential of craft beer.

Entering the South street tavern feels like your walking into a shrine to the pubs of yesteryear. The cavernous main room has old school stools and tables peppered about around the floor, whilst the main bar takes centre stage.

Beer paraphernalia is strewn all over the walls as you walk the taverns depths. An old wooden staircase leads you upstairs to the second story balcony where you’re met by live music and a crowd keen to mingle.

There is also a quiet and secluded hideaway bar behind the main area covered in greenery in an atrium-esque feel. So whatever you’re in the mood for - be it a casual night with some mates or a rocking pre-drink session - the Sail caters to your needs.

But enough about the venue...what you come here for is the beer! At any given time the Sail will have 25 – 30 Aussie and international beers on tap, which are constantly replaced with new brews. For the average Joe you will have maybe heard of two or three of these but if you’re willing to bite the bullet, you will find a new favourite beer amongst its ranks.

The Sail does have a small range of $15 cocktails and a page of wine covering all the basics. Wines will set you back roughly $7 per glass whilst a pint of beer ranges from $7 to $12. The food menu serves up all the regulars and is pretty decently priced – a chicken parmi and chips sitting at $20.

The atmosphere around Sail & Anchor is always alive. From open to close every day there are people chatting over drinks, catching up for lunch and gearing up for a night out. Because most are drawn here for the same reason (beer) there’s very little tension and disagreements amongst the patrons.

During the day the age tends to be around the mid 30s, but come night and the younger crowds flock in. Our generation is the driver behind craft beer and they really do come in numbers. The older folk and quiet groups stick around the main bar whilst the rest head upstairs to party.

Live music, craft beer good vibes and great set up. It's no wonder Perth's own Sail and Anchor tavern is currently the best beer venue in Australia!

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