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Red Bennies

Level 1, 373 Chapel St, South Yarra, VIC
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Red Bennies is truly unique live music and performing arts venue, designed to showcase music with roots in soul, funk, disco and jazz alongside a multitude of performing arts including cabaret, circus and burlesque. The large single room space has been constructed with multilevel platforms, raised booth seating and mezzanine, in the style of traditional jazz clubs, to allow patrons to view bands, djs and performances from any location within the venue. Aesthetically influenced by classic art deco classic theatres and cocktail bars, the burnt orange and amber walls set against the sweeping curtained and multiple bars offer the perfect environment to take in twisted circus show, get loose to a rambunctious jazz band, try of our 100 cocktails, enjoy mouth watering tapas, or create your own brand of mayhem.

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What to Expect @ Red Bennies

By Joshua Thaisen

Never before has Thursday night on Chapel Street offered such a variety. This upstairs saloon inspired club has all the touches you would except coming from a lavish America, under prohibition.

The inside of the venue is draped in red and ambient lighting, setting the mood for live bands, burlesque and old school dj's. Rather than being preoccupied with yourself in the central dance floor area, you find yourself glued to the burlesque show, or belting out old school clangers. This is defiantly helped by ridiculously cheap drink prices and good service. I suggest the $7 combination of a decent beer and a shot will help all things good progress throughout the night. The venue has $3 beers and $4 spirits for most of the nigh

t. The crowd is good but young; however, there are a few hip oldies floating around for a uni night as well. It will cost you $12 to get in without a guest list. The entry becomes more affordable the longer you drink there (take note, impoverished uni student).

Red Bennies caters for all moods, with retreats for the smokers, talkers, dancers and everything in between. There are cushioned booths which all face the main stage if you desire to sit down. There is a loft upstairs, which gets packed out when a live show is on. This sits over the smoker's area and extending the full length of the venue. The smoker's area though sectioned off might as well be inside. It's warm with a complete view of what activity is going on inside. It is not exposed to the elements, has a checker floor, an old school photo booth as well.

Guys, the bouncers are pretty laid back, and as long as you aren't too drunk and look half decent you will get in. Wear shoes and a collared shirt. Girls, I would suggest you dress to impress. You are in competition with the dancers for the guy's attention.

Red Bennies is a fantastic Thursday night out. Its unique style and great party atmosphere will leave you wanting to come back, and bring more friends. Red Bennies is great bar for both dancing and conversation. Going there will not break the bank, but I am sure you will leave feeling like you have!

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