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Seamstress Cocktail Bar

113 Lonsdale St, Melbourne, VIC
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The Seamstress philosophy is embedded in the timeless principles of 'Yin and Yang.' It permeates through everything we do, the food, the decor, and our entire approach. At the heart of Yin and Yang is the balance of colour, and the harmony of texture and flavour. Our philosophy is steeped in Cantonese cuisine, representing the most famous and sought after tastes of China, but our inspiration is modern fusion, the dance of east and west on the palate. Seamstress is a multi-faceted venue incorporating a casual 1st floor 50 seater dining room, a classic colonial-styled bar above that and the mischievous cocktail den of

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Seamstress Cocktail Bar Review

Review by Ebony Bowden

Housed in a 100-year-old textile factory, Seamstress Bar feels like a little bit of New York in Melbourne. It sits above a restaurant by the same name, and can only be reached by climbing up three perilous flights of stairs.

Seamstress is intimate and dark, with leather armchairs flexibly scattered about for casual drinking. In homage to the building’s past, silk kimonos hang from the ceiling on coat hangers - also a nod to Seamstress’ location in Chinatown. Ragtime music plays overhead, giving the sense that you’ve stepped back in time to a bar during the prohibition era.

The drink menu is reasonably priced with wines starting as low as $9. Seamstress’ seasonal menu makes for a welcome treat and features refreshing summer cocktails with ingredients like Muscat wine, apricot brandy and Pimms. Drinks like the ‘Rum Floradora’ are sure to become a quick favourite with ingredients like white rum, raspberry syrup and ginger beer. At $16, it’s also friendly on the wallet. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that Seamstress is all about fun and games. A page dedicated entirely to martinis warns the drinker: “No Apple-tini’s, Choc-tini’s …this page is for the grown-ups”.

The space is cosy and perfect for any night out. Two booths next to the bar provide seating for larger groups or those looking for a little more privacy. Seamstress still features a lot of original fittings like the warehouse-style windows, along with a large freight door cavity which provides views onto the laneway below.

The bar staff are friendly and attentive with full table service provided. Because of its location above the restaurant, Seamstress Bar has a generous food menu, including noodle boxes, duck pancakes and wontons.

Seamstress Bar is part of the iconic Melbourne bar scene. It is hidden away from the masses in a too-cool location, features a large cocktail menu and has a distinct style of its own. Seamstress is one of a kind and not to be missed. This place is perfect for drinkers who love the finer things in life without taking themselves too seriously.

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