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La La Land

Level 1, Corner Hardware Ln and Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne, VIC
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As far as the comfy lounges go, La La Land is the ultimate. It's decorated in an orange, yellow and red glow, with the feel that management have taken great lengths to ensure only the comfiest couches have made it through the door. With a sea of velvet and velour, La La Land is something special. Providing the sometimes forgotten art of table service as well as music that ensures you can still hold a conversation, La La Land's common sense approach to the bar experience is unique, and makes for a truly relaxed night out on the town.

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La La Land Review

Review By Chloe Sesta Jacobs

Hidden away at the top of a staircase down a long beautifully paved alleyway lies the ever so elegant La La Land, also known as the comfortable couch haven! Although La La Land may not look enormous, the comprehensive number of couches and standing space ensure that there's hardly ever a line to gain entry, and an added bonus is that you'll never pay an entrance fee.

The couches are simply magnificent and if anything you will have trouble deciding which one to park yourself on! If it's a bit too warm inside, you can always head to the outdoor area, but this isn't necessarily a breath of fresh air as you would have just entered the smoker's den. Don't be put off though, as this great undercover area still boosts the luxurious decor of the inside bar.

After I ordered a Malibu and coke, I was surprised to look down and see less change than I expected in my hand. I'm definitely not used to paying $9 for basic spirits, so for those of you on a budget I recommend heading down before 8pm for happy hour (every day of the week!). Specials include $3 Tooheys pots, $3 house wines, $5 basic spirits and $12 premium jugs. However there is an incredibly wide selection of both beer and spirits so no matter what your taste there'll always be something you'll enjoy! You can also grab a gourmet pizza or a selection of dips if you're feeling a bit peckish, or think that you'll need to line your stomach.

It didn't take me long to find the toilets which was very advantageous as those three Malibus quickly caught up with me! At just a few metres away from the bar, they are easily accessible and you'll never get lost. Plus, they were very clean and presentable.

The dominant red throughout the interior is very enticing, pulling you into its cool, calm and collected world while always feeling at ease. There is also always a wide range of people attracted to La La Land, but the one thing they have in common is that everyone is there to chill out over some drinks and have a good time. Everyone was so relaxed, much to my disadvantage as the friend I was with was finding himself a little distracted by the two girls having a pash in the corner.

The great thing is that no-one is too cool for school here with a friendly vibe always present. La La Land always chooses great tunes, but always at a level where you can carry on a conversation with the person sitting next to you.

Just watch those steep stairs on your way out. My advice? Use the banister.

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