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Highlander Lounge Bar and Nightclub

11a Highlander Ln, Melbourne, VIC
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With years of experience combined with a unique venue and friendly staff makes Highlander an ideal place for after work drinks or a great night out - whatever the occasion may be.

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Highlander Lounge Review

Review by Lindsey Knight

A great place for after work knock off drinks, or even somewhere to wastethe entire night away with friends drinking, and enjoying the live music.

Highlander Bar is located on Highlander lane, which runs parallel to KingStreet in Melbourne’s CBD. On Thursday nights they regularly run a showcaseof upcoming bands and artists from around Melbourne, and not to worry thereis no entry fee!

Open Wednesday to Friday night, Highlander Lounge has drink specials running from5pm-7pm to promote the after work “Happy Hour” vibe. The usualdrink prices won’t break the bank, though; it's between $4 to $7 for a bottle oflocal beer and $5 to $7 with the house wines. They also do cheap deals onbasic spirit jugs. On the particular Thursday I went there they wererunning a $2.50 beer deal all night, but obviously deals as hot as this aresubject to change up and get mixed around.

The place generally gets pretty busy after 5:30pm and then quiets down after9, so it’s a great place to either spend a relaxed evening or to get somecheap-pre drinks before you hit you’re favourite Thursday club spot.

The venue itself feels very cool; the bouncers are very relaxed andfriendly. The place is scattered with little booths and the dark blue andgranite décor is dimly lit with candles placed on tables and bars aroundthe venue, giving it a very classy feel. The booths are very intimate andcomfortable, and all of them get a great view of the stage where thevarious acts play. It has a really strong Melbourne vibe, you really dofeel like you are in a stylish establishment and because of this it seemsto repel the undesirable crowd that can ruin a good night.

The bar staff are ultra friendly and relaxed, very happy and willing totalk to you and get involved with the fun that transpires throughout thenight, and they definitely beam off a ‘no worries’ attitude which reallymakes for an enjoyable night, whether your night begins at Highlander orfinishes there.

Generally the crowd is a mixture between young to middle-aged businessmen& women, and trendy students but on Thursdays you will find that it is apredominate mixture of university students and hipsters who have come downto see the live music.

If you are looking for somewhere to see some high quality local talent forfree, and get some cheap, relaxed after-work drinks in then this is yourone stop shop, as you’d find most places have an outrageous door price whenany sort of artist is performing. This venue comes highly recommended.

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