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Emerald Peacock

233 Lonsdale St, Melbourne, VIC
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The Emerald Peacock is the amazing venture from the people who brought you The Red Hummingbird. The Emerald Peacock boasts a cosy cocktail lounge, a restaurant serving simple tapas and wood-fired pizzas and a candlelit rooftop adorned with recycled wood and natural tones. It's retro, eclectic and decadent - and it's also very Melbourne.

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The Emerald Peacock Review

Review By Leanne Tay

It is without a doubt that Melbourne is littered with an array of options when it comes to nightlife venues. This one night, all I wanted to satisfy my thirst was a delectable cocktail. Surely, one of the best cocktail bars this wonderful city has to offer sits right on Lonsdale Street. I can assure you whatever you are in the mood for, The Emerald Peacock will be able to accommodate it and then some.

No lines and no cover charge... so far, so good. The moment I stepped foot into the scene I immediately felt like I had descended back into a different time era. Classic old world retro luxe is the words I would use to depict the incredible decor that I was immersed in. The Peacock has two levels to choose from. The ground level is dark and lit with what can only be described as mood lighting. With the majestic furniture, wooden detailing, candles in candle stands, floral wallpaper and unique crystal chandeliers, it is the perfect compliment to an equally perfect cocktail. As laid back house music plays through the air, it is a captivating atmosphere to be in the midst of.

For some fresh air, make your way to the upper level - fittingly named the rooftop, as it is literally the rooftop of the bar. I noticed the change in ambience instantly. It was a different feel up there - more relaxed, more casual. The decor is dressed down and left the city lights over the balcony to do all the work. A successful attempt may I add. There is plenty of seating and a view to boot. Unlucky for me I went on a rainy Melbourne night so I chose not to reside upstairs for too long, but there were plenty of brave Peacock goers who were not afraid of a little falling H2O.

I must admit that I absolutely despise places with overly loud, rowdy patrons who cannot seem to properly present themselves in public. Sadly, this seems common to most places nowadays. The Emerald Peacock has given me more than enough reasons to pay it another visit, but here is another: fellow Peacock patrons that night were so mature and composed it was rather odd, but very refreshing. The chance of a drink getting spilled on you or being shoved around is slim to none. The cherry on top of the already so faultless atmosphere I say.

After a quick look around and assessing the guests it seems the most common age group is mid 20s and above. I wouldn't worry about the dress code too much so long as you plan to look smartly presented. Just after a couple minutes in the bar, any sartorial issues you may be having will be kicked to the wayside anyway.

I scanned the drinks menu and it was really hard to pass up The Emerald Peacock cocktail ($17) as my first drink. It satisfied my cocktail craving immensely. The cocktail prices are as expected so look forward to spending more than a bit of coinage. After trying a few more mixes I can easily see why the establishment has been praised.

So you've been cordially invited to the Peacocks nest for a night filled with a ridiculous amount of sumptuousness and the ability to spoil yourself with the riches behind the bar. You'll get kicked out at closing time before you actually decide to willingly step foot out of there... or is that just me?

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