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Melbourne CBD, Melbourne

Collins Quarter Cocktail Pub

86A Collins St, Melbourne, VIC
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A cocktail pub at the fancy end of town! With a wine list is long, our varieties of beer many, and our charming and skilful bartenders take meticulous pleasure in mixing most any cocktail after which one might enquire. For the ravenous, we also happen to provide breakfast, luncheon and dinner. Our attractive and intelligent staff can make all the appropriate arrangements. Entrances from Collins and Little Collins join old and young in the splendid ambience of The Magnolia Courtyard. This, we feel, is an appropriate meeting place for the 19th century pomposity of Colin's Pub and the 21st century razzle-dazzle of Blind Alley Bar. Left to you to decide is whether to sit under the stars, in the shade of the Magnolia, or inside by the fire. But choose wisely, Melbourne weather cares little about your morning wardrobe choices.

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