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Melbourne CBD, Melbourne

Bar Humbug

586 Lt Bourke St, Melbourne, CBD
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Bar Humbug exists at the centre of the newest Melbourne trend – the CBD’s west end. This gastro bar has ridden the wave of the westside’s emergence from its seedy past. In what was once a petri dish of strip clubs, saveloy shops and car parking lots Humbug has quietly gone about the business of serving lunch crowds and bar dwellers since 2005, flourishing purely on word of mouth. By late afternoon the bar is a buzz of afterwork drinkers, pre-event diners and the burgeoning urban dwellers. A lazy stroll from Etihad Stadium returns the punters to a more sophisticated watering hole after the game. Bar Humbug embodies Melbourne’s warm and youthful energy, free from the contrived exclusivity found in Melbourne’s hidden laneway scene.

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