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Melbourne CBD, Melbourne

Asian Beer Cafe

Level 3 Melbourne Central, 211 La Trobe St
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The Asian Beer Cafe is built as on harmonious entity, a single space with different zones. The 7 private dining areas make up the main space, ideal for, staff Christmas parties, birthday parties, product launches, business meetings or a casual drink at the bar after work. The Asian Beer Cafe is truly a unique experience bringing together a rich atmosphere, style & culture.

And our balcony space is truly a Melbourne icon - spectacular views over Swanston St and of Melbourne's State Library - truly one of a kind.

Gorgeous, yet minimalistic; private dining rooms & the 20 meter line bar makes this space on the city's hot destinations.

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Asian Beer Cafe Review

Review by Harry Frost

When a friend suggested we go for a drink in a shopping centre, I scoffed. The thought of a busy, dirty food-court filled with screaming children and smell of a thousand varieties of fried fodder is hardly my idea of a good time. However tucked away on the second floor of Melbourne Central, Asian Beer Café was an unexpected surprise.

Stepping in we entered a long dark room; 1930s opium den meets university campus bar. A world away from the hustle and bustle of the shopping centre, inviting low-lying lounges and tables separated by the occasional partition fill one half of the room. The place was almost empty but for one group of excited shoppers who appeared to be celebrating the purchase of what looked to be some form of deluxe penis-pump. To each their own.

We headed to the bar which runs the length of one side of the room to find an excellent range of Asian beers on tap. This array was further complemented by a large collection of spirits and a decent cocktail list. The specials were where things got interesting, with some of the best beer prices I’ve seen anywhere in town. Ten dollars for a jug of beer: amazing.

Having acquired a suitable amount of cheap bubbly brown goodness we moved toward the bright light at one end of the bar’s dim interior to find a large balcony-beer-garden. The balcony commands an excellent view over the State Library and Swanston Street. Having acquired the perfect people watching position, we relaxed and contemplated the lives of the ant-like beings scurrying about on the street below.

After sinking a jug or two it was time to answer the call of nature. Even this was an edifying experience with “Learn to speak Thai” instructions piped into the restrooms. Khob-kun-krub!

As afternoon rolled into evening more people began to trickle in. Desperate to hang on to our spot on the balcony, we sat tight and ordered pizza which, to my surprise, was also remarkably good value for money.

Fueled up on cheese and on-special spirits the people watching continued, with our focus shifting to the flood of students and young urban professional types that poured in for happy hour. They filled every knook, cranny, table and stool in the previously deserted bar, the overflow washing in to the small bistro room. The beer taps ran hot as happy hour kicked into full swing. An excited buzz filled the air as the crowd planned their attack on the weekend.

Having been made to eat my words we were charged and ready for an evening on the town. A new favorite had been added to the list. Never judge a bar by its shopping centre.

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A 2nd Review of Asian Beer Cafe

Review by David Allegretti

Upon setting foot inside the Asian Beer Cafe, you are instantly transported from the heart of Melbourne to what could quite easily be mistaken for Tokyo or Seoul.

Keeping to its name, this bar/cafe has a truly authentic oriental feel. Everything screams Asian pop culture from the statues of Buddha to the Bruce lee movies shown on the televisions to Dragonball Z and various anime memorabilia scattered about the place, even the toilets have a uniquely Asian anime twist.

As you make your way to the bar, you are greeted by a seemingly endless variety of beverages to accommodate anyone's taste, as well as some Asian favourites including Thai Chang beer and Indonesian Bin Tang, keep a look out for the special house cocktail jugs!

If feeling peckish then look no further, a great assortment of Asian cuisine including bento boxes as well as traditional western classics such as chicken wings. The signature $4 pizza is strongly recommended, with an endless assortment of cool and modern albeit less than traditional flavours there's no better place in all of Melbourne that combines value for money with great taste.

Perfect for catching up with friends; the laid back café atmosphere that exists during the day quickly transforms into a stimulating bar scene come sundown. Pleasantly dim lighting accompanied by a soundtrack that will send you reminiscing down memory lane creates a cool and relaxed atmosphere.

Combine this with several different rooms/sections and you get an exciting range of possibilities to suit your every mood. Feel like getting some fresh air? The large terrace area offers a pleasant overlook of the state library as well as doubling as a beacon for people watching, if you’re feeling a bit more subdued then look no further than the spacious (and extremely comfortable) lounging area.

The Asian Beer Café creates a truly unique atmosphere which will leave you coming back for more.

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