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Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

Rumours NIghtclub

5 Beach Road, Surfers Paradise, QLD
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Rumours Nightclub Review

Review By Katrina Filewood

I spent my Saturday night at one of the Gold Coast's newer clubs, Rumours.

This opened in May after Bamboo closed down, and as it was a new club I really didn't know what to expect.

There's usually a $10 cover charge, but as it's new girls got in for free - they're trying to get more people into the venue.s

The decor in the place is amazing: there are black and white retro photographs all over the walls along with beaded curtains, a garden room for the smoker's area and big black leather couches to sit on.

There were not too many people at Rumours but I will blame that on the fact it was only a new club. The dance floor had about 20 people on it and they were all dancing to electro music, while being smothered by the smoke machine and laser lights... which ultimately turned me off the idea of dancing.

We went to the bar for our first drink and I was happy that I only had to wait about thirty seconds before being served. However, I was charged $8 for a basic spirit. This is fairly regular on the Gold Coast, but as it's a new club I expected them to be a little cheaper.

The crowds were all quite young, I could tell most people were only 18 to 20, besides the few random people who were about 35 trying to pretend they were eighteen. I saw some fairly horrendous outfits at the venue (grey track pants with a crop top and heels?), so if you don't feel 100% about your outfit then don't worry because someone here will have one that restores confidence in your own.

People were pretending to pole dance and breakdance all over the place, It was quite entertaining but only because they were so drunk it was funny.

It seemed to me that Rumours was the place you go when you can't get in anywhere else, or if you are just sick of big crowds. I would not bring my friends to Rumours if I were trying to impress them.

Truthfully, I will only ever return to Rumours if one night someone I'm with is unable to get into any other electro club in Surfers Paradise.

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