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Press Club (Empire Hotel)

339 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley, QLD
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An institution and right of passage for Brisbane's bar lovers - Press Club stands strong as The Valley's premier cocktail and live music venue - providing the finest service, cocktails and live entertainment 5 days a week. Complementing its luxurious design and superb drinks menu, the entertainment lineup is simply astonishing, with RnB and House music galore from some of Brizzie's best live acts and DJ's.

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The Press Club Review

Review By Julia Taylor

After many months the Press Club is officially back in business and not a minute too soon! Sitting elegantly on Brunswick St, the Press Club is the venue where you can see all the patrons lounging in the chocolate coloured lounges, sipping their delicious cocktails.

Once you get in, take your time and have a look around the place. To me it felt like we had walked into the bronze age; the decor is industrial looking. The dimmed lighting and warm tones of the decor creates a mysterious atmosphere. The lounges are arranged so groups of people can mingle or if you prefer to do some people-watching, you can take your seat by the street-view window. There is an outdoor smoking area upstairs. The toilets are hidden downstairs. If you want to get away from the music, you can slip into a side room which is like a chill-out lounge.

All drinks you can imagine are available, but they are pricey. Average price for a cocktail is $16-$18. Depending on the beer you could be looking at around $8.50. So make sure you bring enough cash as there is no ATM available. You can opt to start a tab, but they ask you organise it early. There are also light meals available until 10pm.

The music here is retro. It's a blend of funk and soul remixes. It's fun music and a change from all the other nightclubs and bars who churn out the Top 40 playlist. People respond to the music because everyone knows it and can dance to it. There is no official dancefloor, but as one patron said to me "If you want to dance, just dance". She was quite right, looking around people just found space to dance.

The dress code is smart casual. Good news for boys: Yes you can wear sand-shoes and t-shirts! No ripped jeans or thongs though. Girls wear whatever you're comfortable in. Entry is free and if you get there before 11pm you will get a seat. Please remember ID though, because the bouncers are quick to ask.

The Press Club is a venue for over 25's. The music is catered towards an older crowd who want to relax and enjoy a drink out on the weekends. Also the prices of the drinks makes the venue an no-go zone for students on a budget. If your planning a night out with a group of people and aren't sure what their party habits are like, then the Press Club is your venue. It is an all-rounder bar where people can enjoy a drink in a relaxed atmosphere without the hassle of the Valley crowd.

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