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Play on Brunswick

239 Brunswick St
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With a a brand new upgrade and fit out of sound, lighting and everything in between, the place is going to be set to impress! Brisbane's new destination club PLAY will see an array of Brisbane's best entertainment including live acts from local, national and international artists and DJs. Featuring Top 40, RnB, hip-hop, old skool, and dance music - don't miss out!

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Play on Brunswick Review

Review by Rhi O'Dwyer

When I arrived at Play on Brunswick I realized I had made a terrible mistake coming to the Valley on a Friday night. The Valley was dead, every place that we had tried to go to tonight was a huge disappointment.

That’s why when we came across Play we thought we had finally found a good place to have some drinks and have a dance, and try to forget about the money we had already wasted whilst trying to find a quality watering hole to settle in for the night.

Play looked really good - there was a big hulking bodyguard and you could hear music blasting behind those mysterious looking doors. We were given what felt like a really good deal, with a $15 entry, a free jelly shot, one free spirit and a VIP wrist band for $5 spirits all night. We were all pretty happy with the deal and walked in with high expectations.

But then we walked in we could suddenly see just why we were given such a good deal. The place was dead...deader than outside on the streets. There were maybe six people sitting inside all looking bored and drunk. Even though the music was pumping and they had strobe lights going hardcore it couldn’t make up for the stark emptiness of the place.

But we decided to wait and see if it picked up - maybe it would come back to life? So, while we were patiently waiting for that to happen, we took advantage of the $5 spirits. Even though they were serving lemonade out of store bought plastic 1.25 litre bottles, we couldn’t help but think, "hey any drink is a good drink right?"

After nearly an hour the only things that picked up were the people...while they were picking up and leaving.

It may be good on a Saturday night, because it had a good overall set-up. Even though it did have some tacky disco balls, it still had a nice vibe about it with pool tables and comfy seats. The dance floor was huge which, if there were more people would have been ideal because most clubs in the Valley seem to have a squishy dance floor.

So, overall, the deal we received was great. However, the atmosphere, drinks and décor were are extremely average. I would try it again just to see if the entire experience could be improved but I was seriously disappointed with the night.

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