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Oh Hello

621 Ann St, Fortitude Valley QLD
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The closing of the Monastery nightclub in July 2011 created a hole within the Fortitude Valley nightclub scene. However, as soon as clubbers said goodbye to an old favourite, everyone welcomed and said

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Oh Hello Review

Review by Rosalie Grace

Although relatively new on the Brisbane nightclub scene, Oh Hello has already made a name for itself as a hipster paradise. A celebration of fashion, culture and music, Oh Hello is one of the trendiest places to be spotted on a night out in the Valley.

Oh Hello offers a very distinct and unique take on the usual Brisbane clubbing experience. At times it feels a 70s revival (or a mass tribute to Vinnies!) with an added edgy and modern twist. The music selection is diverse and offers something for everyone to enjoy, often mixing classic floor-fillers with indie anthems and booty-shaking hip-hop!

The décor of the club looks very eclectic and urban-chic; coloured paper lanterns fill the ceiling and the walls are covered in street art and graffiti style murals. A huge projector screen serves as a feature wall, showcasing modern artworks and live footage of the patrons dancing up a storm. Multi-coloured milk crates fashioned with silk cushions are used for seating in cosy little hideaways. Dangerously addictive cocktails are served in quirky jam jars at the bar.

The crowd at Oh Hello are always lively and fashion conscious - absolutely no wife beaters or jeggings in sight! Although Oh Hello is usually frequented by the younger 18-25 year old demographic, many patrons dress as though they are in a retro time warp. Whether it's having yarns in the outside smoker section or making eyes with that sexy someone on the dance floor, it is never hard to meet interesting characters at Oh Hello!

Live music is a big feature of Oh Hello as the club plays host to plenty of terrific local and international bands and DJs. Oh Hello also holds many special theme nights which are always fun and well put together. Although Oh Hello goes off from Thursday through to Saturday, Thursday or "Cobra Kai Club" night is a favourite amongst regulars.

Though the entry fee can differ on special nights, the cover charge is usually $15. This may seem like a lot given the relatively small size of the club, however the music and atmosphere make it all worth it. Again, drink prices can change night to night, although basic spirit mixes are usually around $7 which is pretty standard for the Valley. However, Thursday nights are known for frequently offering excellent drink specials, and in some cases wine is free or as good as!

If you are looking for a fun night out with friends -and meeting some new ones, Oh Hello is definitely worth checking out. Not only will you have a good time, if you get your signature artsy photo taken, you can guarantee some hipster street cred. Although, it does help to have some obscure indie band names up your sleeve!

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A Second Review of Oh Hello

Review By John Warwick

With the Monastery closing its doors in July 2011, Brisbane said goodbye to one of the most iconic and popular club on the nightclub circuit. However, when one door closes, another door opens with the Brisbane nightlife community saying "Oh Hello" to the newest club to hit Brisbane. With its grand opening in August 2011, Oh Hello is the latest nightclub to join the vast and busy nightclub terrain of Fortitude Valley. Created by the entrepreneurs of leading marketing and event company, The Arcade Creative, Oh Hello creates a fusion of music, art and fashion that Brisbane has never seen before.

Located on Ann Street, Oh Hello is in the centre of the Fortitude Valley nightlife scene. Unlike its predecessor, Oh Hello has a warm and bright feeling upon entering. Though structurally it has not dramatically changed, there is definitely a different energy and atmosphere. The crowd of Oh Hello is a diverse crowd, with the similar interests in art, fashion and music. Though the 18 - 25 year old crowd have an indie/hipster look, Oh Hello caters for the all styles and culture.

Inspired by the culture and lifestyle of uptown New York, Oh Hello's interior design has a "warehouse chic" feel, with raw timber walls and tables. The seats are created from milk crates and (surprisingly comfortable) vintage cushions, giving the venue a simple and somewhat eclectic feel. In the centre of the venue is a large dance floor where you can dance to the latest indie dance and disco tracks from leading musical acts. The most noticeable feature of Oh Hello is the large artwork of a Native American Indian face and headdress behind the DJ podium. Unlike other bars and nightclubs in Brisbane, Oh Hello does not prize on being glamorous or complex, but simplicity and cater for people who appreciate music, culture and fashion.

With its New York warehouse style interior, energetic and bright atmosphere and world class dance tracks, Oh Hello has the potential to become one of the most popular and iconic nightclubs in Fortitude Valley, possibly surpassing the success of its former venue occupant. There are also rumours of a secret room. However, this has not been confirmed so it gives you a great excuse to pop by and say "Oh Hello" to the newest nightclub in Brisbane.

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A Third Review of Oh Hello

Review by Hannah Rieck

Oh Hello has successfully taken the reins from Monastery and become one of the most influential and talked about nightclubs in Brisbane. It is considered one of the ‘cooler’ clubs in The Valley, with many hipsters becoming Oh Hello regulars, or even addicts. This club comes with a warning though: you will see someone you know.

The aesthetics are pretty basic with a large open d-floor, Chinese lanterns forming the roof and a never-ending bar allowing plenty of service. There is an outside area for smokers or for those wanting to hear each other without battling their favourite dup-step tunes.

The marketing team works intensively via Facebook to ensure no person in Brisbane can escape this trendy club. The team create cutting-edge themes every week, from the '90s toJungle to Candy Land. A particular favourite night for many students or music savvy hipsters is their Thursday night ‘Cobra Kai’ edition. With an entry fee of normally around $10, students become apart of intimate and live music sets. Recently the club has managed to pull DJ Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and YesYou.

Cobra Kai appeals to 18-25 year olds, with jam jar cocktails, $5 skittle and marshmallow shots and a student favourite – the $5 basic. Fashion is a definite requirement for entry. The crowd is filled with hipsters sporting the latest Frankie trends and indie garments. Basically, before entering please ensure outfits comply with indie fanatics.

This student night is a real gem, with an added bonus… food! If you are one of those drinkers who need a snack about halfway through the night, then Cobra Kai is the place for you. With popcorn and fairy floss offered for free, this hipster paradise is a perfect combination of food, music and lots of dancing.

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