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The Bar is the highlight of Kaliber and where all the excitement is instigated. Kaliber's well-stocked and beautifully lit bar accommodates over thirty types of organically infused vodkas, an extensive cocktail list and a wide range of spirits - all utilising Kaliber's lauded mixology methods. Add to this a vast list of local and imported wines and boutique beers, and Kaliber is quite the spot to quench your thirst. The Bar features Brunswick Street Mall's best attendants to fashion, blend, mix and flare potions and tonics in every colour and combination.

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Kaliber Lounge and Bar Review

Review By Katrina Beavan

If you're planning a big night out in the big smoke that is Brisvegas, the best place to start is the Valley, or more precisely, The Brunswick Street mall. Lined with a colourful array of bars and clubs, one can be overwhelmed with choice. That is why the Kaliber Lounge and Bar, a small, yet stylish bar located half way up the mall, is a good place to start - and finish. Simple, chic decor surrounding a reasonably sized dance floor and modest bar are what make this little package up.

Hidden away amongst the thumping music and blaring lights of the valley, Kaliber showcases a funky and youthful vibe. The Bar is beautifully lit and boasts over thirty types of organically infused vodkas, enough to please any frequent sipper. Beer, wine and an impressive range of cocktails are also available for the party enthusiast. While drinks are reasonably priced in comparison to the rest of the valley, and there is no entry fee, don't expect any student happy hours. A real draw card for this place is that it has a more independent feel than a lot of the bigger clubs, whilst still being popular and creating a 'party-central' image.

Whether you choose to lounge on the co-ordinated furniture, or get up and bust a move, this place is pretty packed and lively. Hosting a mostly twenty-something crowd, it does have its share of a few oldies, and yes, they will try and dance with you. But to be fair and give an estimate I'd say most of the patrons are between 20 and 30 - although the older crowd mostly head in earlier for the food, which is served (authentic Italian, yum!) until 10pm, this changes when the restaurant bar transforms into an uber-trendy bar/club. Another positive is the music, playing all the classics: think remixed dance floor anthems where you can boogie up a storm to some golden oldies. This is a refreshing change from the typical techno RNB remixes which a lot of the Valley clubs usually DJ.

Also, another trait which I was quietly impressed with was the talents of the bar staff. Ask for a cocktail or spirit and you'll not only quench your thirst, but be privileged to a twirl and whirl cocktail shake up. Over the head, under the arm, this way and that... without spilling a drop! Such a cool display of bar talent never goes unappreciated, and I heard a chorus of 'oohs' and 'aahs' to prove it. Did I mention I was impressed?

Just to be a little cliche, I'm going to rate Kaliber out of five, but instead of stars, I'll use something even dorkier: disco balls. So at the risk of sounding a little inventive, I'm giving it 3 disco balls out of five. Not bad Kaliber, not bad at all.

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