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Jungle Nightclub

18 McLachlan St, Fortitude Valley, 4006
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The Jungle Nightclub in Fortitude Valley is the club for the party animals of Brisbane. This animalistic inspired venue is famously known for its $3.50 shots. Located on McLachlan St, near the Family Nightclub and Alhambra Lounge, the Jungle Nightclub is often carelessly walked pass. However, The Jungle Nightclub is the perfect club for you to uncage that inner animal.

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Jungle Nightclub Review

Review By John Warwick

The Jungle is a wild and untamed place. Animals fights for only the finest meat, with only the best earning their prize. This is the Jungle nightclub in Brisbane. Only the strongest can survive a night of cheap drinks and hard dance tracks.

Imagine entering the Amazon with strobe and laser lights. This is what the Jungle nightclub encompasses, with the decor mirroring the vegetation and wildlife of a fierce Amazonian jungle. Imitation foliage and layers of leopard print cover the walls to create an animalistic jungle feel. However, it can also be seen as a corny 80s fashion disaster. The more you drink, the less you notice. The DJ, seating areas and bar are at the edges of the room, which gives plenty of space to bust out those wild dance moves. The only thing missing from the decor is glitter on the floor.

Overshadowed by its neighbouring clubs, the Jungle nightclub isn't the most visited club on the Fortitude Valley clubbing circuit. However, it still manages to draw in a large young group who are there for three things: cheap drinks, hard dance tracks and a wild night.

With dance, hip-hop, and dubstep in their music repertoire, the Jungle brings in some of the best tunes to dance, drink or dougie to. The large dance floor makes a perfect opportunity to uncage some of those bedroom dance moves onto the wild dance floor.

The drinks are what make the Jungle nightclub an untamed oasis. Most drinks are cheaper than your average club, with shots only $3.50. It is the perfect club for pre-drinking or a quick top up to keep you going. Be warned: Only the strongest and boldest of clubbers can handle copious amounts of shots.

If you are after a wild and fierce night out, look no further than the Jungle nightclub. With free entry, cheap shots, and a large dance floor with intense dance tracks, the Jungle is awaits for you to release your inner animal.

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