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Hot Gossip

299 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley, NSW
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Hot Gossip is the new party playground of Fortitude Valley. With three levels of entertainment, two music areas, four bars, and a VIP area, Hot Gossip is the hottest place to be spotted on a Friday and/or Saturday night. With the largest LED dance floor in Australia, Hot Gossip is the perfect venue to dance your weekend away.

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Hot Gossip Review

Review by Rosalie Grace

I will admit, for a long time my only experience with "Hot Gossip" was its slightly dubious-looking exterior as it is located across from Brunswick Street McDonalds (the ritual ending to a night out in the Valley). However, recently my friends and I bravely decided to see what it was like.

After having a somewhat awkward conversation with a seedy bouncer (prompting my friend to instruct us to "don't touch anything!") we walked up the stairs and were very pleasantly surprised. Not only were we relieved at the cleanliness of the club, but also at its spaciousness and modern décor.

With a huge dance floor, brightly lit with colourful neon lights and accommodating several large, leather booths for drinking and chatting, Hot Gossip has a definite party atmosphere. The décor is fun and contemporary, with many bubbling water features doubling as multi-coloured lights, and with modern and artistic furnishings.

Price wise, entry is free before 10pm but then jumps up to $15 afterwards. Although Hot Gossip really gets going after 10:30pm, I feel like $15, an average price for much larger and probably better clubs in the Valley, is a bit much to pay. It might be a good idea to get in just before 10pm and be patient for half an hour while the club fills up a bit more!

Drink prices do vary, but on a normal Saturday night basic house spirits were $7, a reasonable price you can expect to pay in the Valley. It did not take long for my friends and I to get drinks bought for us which is a plus, though this might just be a reflection on the sleaziness of the crowd!

The crowd at Hot Gossip was young, mostly 18-25 year olds, and the vibe was fun and a little bit hip-hop. There was a lot of booty-popping and break dancing, at times I felt a little bit too vanilla! Patrons seemed to be dressed quite casual but stylish with the guys in t-shirts and girls in fun, short dresses (heels optional!).

Hot Gossip is definitely a dance and party oriented club, with two DJs spinning at any one time. The music was Top 40 dance and club remixes with a lot of R&B and Hip-hop thrown in. There is always something good to dance to, and with podiums surrounding the dance floor purely for that purpose it is hard to say no!

Everything about Hot Gossip is fun, light-hearted and youthful. I would not go to Hot Gossip expecting to meet my soul mate or to engage in cultured conversation but it does not fail as a place to have a dance and a good time, provided you don't take anything too seriously!

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A Second Review of Hot Gossip

By John Warwick

The dress code is "sexy" and so is the crowd. This is Hot Gossip, the most talked about club on the Brisbane nightlife scene. Since its opening in July 2010, Hot Gossip is fast becoming one of the hottest places to be on a Friday and Saturday night.

Though Hot Gossip is a recently opened club, it is fast becoming one of the elite nightclubs on the clubbing circuit, joining the likes of some of the larger and more established nightclubs in Fortitude Valley. It is popular among the 18-25 year olds that enjoy being spotted at the hottest dance clubs.

Located in the Brunswick Street Mall, Hot Gossip is a stand out among the stores and clubs on the busy mall strip. As a part of Club 299, Hot Gossip is the wild bass pumping alter ego to the live-band/indie personality of Club 299. While Club 299 is a place for the unsigned bands to express their love for music, Hot Gossip is a place for clubbers to express their love for drinking and dancing.

Hot Gossip may seem small, but looks can be deceiving. With three levels, four bars, two music areas, a VIP area and a LED dance floor, Hot Gossip creates the ultimate party ambience to dance the night away. Each of the first two levels contains a bar and a small dance floor, which makes the perfect atmosphere to grab a drink and get intimate.

The third level is the place to socialise, get slizzard, or get your slut on. This level is double the size of the two previous levels put together. Two of the four bars are found on this level, as well as the largest LED dance floor in Australia. The LED dance floor takes clubbing and dancing to a completely new level, encouraging us to release our inner b-boy (or girl). However, make sure you have tightly fitted shoes, or else shuffling may cause you to lose a shoe due to the sometimes-sticky-alcohol-drenched dance floor. If you think you have the moves, don't hesitate to climb onto the elevated dance platform and show off your style.

Entry to the first two levels is free all night, with the third level free before 10pm. From 10pm - 11pm, cover charge is only $5 with a code word, which can be obtained via emailing the promo staff. From 11pm onwards, cover charge is $15.

In conclusion, Hot Gossip is hottest place to be spotted on a Friday and Saturday night. With the largest LED dance floor in Australia, it is the perfect place to dance, drink and indulge in debauchery. Now that's how to party a weekend away.

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