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Elysium Lakeside

Victoria Point Lakeside Shopping Centre, 3/11-13 Bunker Rd, Victoria Point, QLD
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We welcome you to Victoria Point's hottest spot in the Redlands - Elysium! Perfectly positioned on the Victoria Point Lakeside, Elysium is the Redlands favourite Wine and Tapas Bar. Offering some of Brisbane's best DJ's and live entertainment, along with great food and an impressive selection of wine, beers and cocktails - you can forget travelling into town anymore to experience a great night out. It's all here by the lake at Victoria Point.

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What To Expect @ Elysium Lakeside

Review by Toby Maidment

Situated right in the heart Victoria Point’s swanky Lakeside complex, Elysium has become part of the infamous Friday night ritual for Redlands partygoers of all ages.

Before one heads towards “The Pit” (Alex Hills Hotel), they must embark on an essential journey through the over-crowded depths of Elysium. They must slam down the sacred ABC shot, wave their hands through the gas-lights, attempt to feed the turtles in the lake below, and above all, they must be prepared for the weird and wonderful people that grace the venue every Friday and Saturday night.

Although the crowd is interesting and the venue is beyond capacity most weekends, the atmosphere is similar to that of a huge house party. The DJs spin classics all night long to keep the crowd as peaceful as can be whilst a large team of bar staff whip up the typical concoctions of VCRs and Vodka Redbulls in a fast and effective manner.

The décor of Elysium is the sort that relaxes you, sets you up for a good night and keeps you coming back for more. Tiki heads, pool tables, large torches and the locally famous comfortable couches are littered throughout the venue keep the good vibes flowing along with the drinks! Elysium’s bar provides a huge range of cocktails, imported beers and spirits to keep everybody happy. The price for a basic mix won’t set you back anything over $7, and the cocktails hover between $12 and $20 depending on how classy you are feeling!

The beauty of Elysium’s bar (although some may consider it a death wish) is that they take a card for alcohol purchases whilst also providing cash-out with no minimum or surcharge! This means no excuses for not shouting rounds and an escape from the $2.50 fee charged by the closest ATM.If you want to party into the early hours of the morning however, Elysium unfortunately empties out and becomes a ghost town by 1AM due to the crowd’s migration towards The Pit.

Elysium also hosts a large number of incredibly intoxicated and disgustingly un-classy locals, who often ruin the atmosphere (and the toilets) by showing vulgar displays of violence, vomiting, seediness or all of the above. Every Friday night at Elysium, there will also be a fresh batch of eighteen year olds who just party too hard and end up in the parking lot across the road, but of course that should be expected from a local venue.

The bottom line is that if you are looking to spend a night with some eccentric islanders, kooky cougars, sloshed teenage girls or maybe even have quiet drinks after a movie on a weeknight – Elysium always delivers in terms of a chilled place to drink and have a great night with friends.

Suggestion: Elysium is best served with a side of Alex Hills Hotel.

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