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Waterloo Hotel

Cnr Ann St & Commercial Rd Newstead, Fortitude Valley, QLD
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The Waterloo Hotel has evolved with the community over 130 years and now stands proud and elegant within the local landscape. Its current incarnation sees the former majesty of the building restored and complimented by a luxurious and eclectic interior, incorporating classic and contemporary furniture with modern lighting to create a rich tapestry of materials, colours and textures. With the bar situated at the heart of the venue, the Waterloo offers booths and high bars perfect for groups and after work drinks, moving into a lounge atmosphere as you circle around to the well appointed and intimate nooks that feature an eclectic range of chesterfield leather couches and armchairs. The bar features a broad range of craft and international beers as well as a expertly selected wine list, however to take full advantage of the elegant setting, ask one of our mixologists to create a beverage from our cocktail list using top shelf spirits and fresh ingredients.

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Review By Rhiannon O'Dwyer

It’s hard to explain just how cool this place is. It is such an amazing melding of the modern and traditional, it really is stunning. When you walk into the bar area you are overwhelmed by the beauty of it all, shiny marble bars, pretty floral wallpaper and large comfy looking chairs and couches are just some of the great features. The bar, situated in the ‘heart of the venue’, has hundreds of different drinks available to you and all at a moderate price. The 130 year old tavern has been a favourite for years and you can understand why! I had such a great night there!

I arrived early in the evening to get dinner with family and ordered one of the ten dollar specials (bangers and mash) and was very happy with the amount of food I got for what I paid! The flavours were great and the service was too.

At the bar they had so much to choose from and the prices weren’t too bad, all of our party were drinking lychee mojitos ($13) most of the night which were made meticulously every time by a very passionate manager. They had an extensive range of beer prices averaging at about $8 for a pint, then there were your basic spirits averaging at about $7 which is pretty good for a venue out in the Valley.

By the time everyone had had a few drinks and some nibbles (I recommend the duck pizza and the salt & pepper calamari), the live band had started playing and were getting everyone in the mood for dancing with a couple of good oldies and some new music too (another great example of their merging of the old and the new).

The vibe was very laid back and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, there wasn’t a very big dance floor in front of the band but that didn’t stop anyone. What I liked was how the band was also being played through speakers to all parts of the tavern so that no matter where you were you could hear it. However, many patrons weren’t happy with the fact that the band was finished by 11pm because everyone had only just started getting into it, then they were suddenly packing up.

Overall, it was a great experience. The service was great, I liked how all the bartenders knew what I wanted before I even opened my mouth. The cocktails were fantastic, the prices were good and the vibe was really great too. I would definitely go back and I would recommend other people to have their next event there.

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