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Junk Bar

215 Waterworks Rd, Ashgrove, QLD
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Junk Bar, located on Waterworks Road in Ashgrove, has a distinct 1970’s feel, complete with kitsch and quirky decor. Brisbane's first suburban boutique bar is all about creating a friendly, cosy spot to come and have a drink in. Created to offer people a more intimate environment in the suburbs, Junk Bar's main focus is on your drink, offering table service and fresh cocktail creations. The bar also offers an assortment of snacks from the neighbouring eateries including the local fish and chip store and Chinese restaurant. This small but groovy bar is open from 5pm until midnight Wednesday through until Saturday for drinks and good times.

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Junk Bar Review

Review by Christa Singh

Sometimes you will find little gems in the most unlikely places, and the Junk Bar is one of them. Nestled in amongst Ashgrove, you’ll have to keep an eye out for this cleverly disguised bar. The Junk Bar is the place to be if you want to enjoy some quiet drinks in the company of good friends and a little privacy.

As you open the sliding door and step past the curtains, you’ll be greeted by deer heads hung against beautiful forest wall papers in a small room. With pot plants and out-dated, mismatched furniture that fit perfectly together, the cosy bar gives the illusion that you’ve gone back in time, with a distinct feel of the prime seventies. It’s the bits and pieces of vintage interior, such as the rugs, that set of the vibe of the bar seamlessly.

The lamps around the room emit an eerily inviting glow while the records playing in the background are indie and complement the relaxed atmosphere of the bar. The Junk Bar caters for a variety of guests, whether it is a couple or a small group of friends, from 20-year-old hipsters to 40-year-olds looking for a discreet place to catch up with friends.

As you take a seat in the comfortable chairs, you then have the hard choice of deciding which drink you’ll be sipping on from the menu of listed wines, beers and over 40 cocktails. The ciders are delightfully refreshing, but it’s their iconic and delicious Junk Bar Cherry that has to be tasted. The prices average between $7.5 and $18, non-alcoholic beverages are also listed and food from the menu is available at your request.

The Junk Bar is a fairly recent bar, having only opened in 2010, and with no cover charge, it’s not the typical type of bar you would find in Ashgrove, though it doesn’t fail to attract a crowd. This charming little bar will be sure to entice anyone curious enough to enter and discover an unlikely experience. While the location may be considered a little out of reach for some, it’s definitely a place worth visiting at least once.

If it’s not the drinks that keep you coming back for more, it will certainly be the outstanding table service that will. Open from Wednesday to Sunday, the owners will ensure that you have an enjoyable evening. If you’re planning a low key evening with quality cocktails, the surprising Junk bar is the prefect escape away from the Valley and is definitely a local favourite.

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