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A great party atmosphere and live entertainment every night of the week combined with fantastic food and an extensive selection of beverages makes the Victory Hotel the ultimate venue for whatever you may be after. Whether it's a Friday after work social, a Thursday night student party or simply an itching to hear a live band or have a boogie, the Victory Hotel has it all. We offer the perfect setting to enjoy the fabulous menu from our Graziers Garden Grill, watch your favourite sport on the big screen or dance the night away.

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Victory Hotel Review

Review by Amy Stevenson

On a recent trip to Brisbane, my dear friends thought it would it would be a great opportunity to take me out on the town so I could compare Canberra nightlife to that of the capital of the Sunshine State. They promised a fun night and they certainly delivered - the Victory Hotel in the CBD was by far one of the best nights out in Brisbane!

Thursday nights is student night and it’s so easy to see why this establishment has such a great reputation. Obviously, there were a lot of uni kids out and about; occasionally you’d see someone not of university age and a crowd of people a little older, but it didn’t take anything away from the atmosphere. If anything, it definitely added to it! The décor was nice, all modern and new. It doesn’t try and be something it’s not.

The way in which the Victory Hotel is set out really works well. There’s the beer garden and outdoors area, which I hear is also great for a Sunday session, but on this particular Thursday night it was packed. There was a live band playing and plenty of areas for friends to chat and hang out, along with a small dance floor area in front of the band. Inside there’s the karaoke bar, which is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Upstairs there’s more of a club like bar area, with all the latest music, it’s the place to be if you feel like dancing until the early hours of Friday morning!

Drink prices on student night are ridiculously cheap: it's around $3 for all your house spirits and around $6 for a jug of beer, which makes it really easy to have an affordable night out. Prices for all the local and imported beers, wines and cocktails are pretty much the standard prices you would find at any other bar. There’s not any entry fee, so it’s very accommodating to not just a student budget, but anyone’s budget!

The Victory Hotel also has a grill opened 7 days a week for lunch and Monday – Thursday for dinner which is great if you just want to go somewhere nice to relax with friends to have a few drinks and something to eat on your lunch break or after work.

All in all, it was a fantastic night out! And by the time I left, there was a massive line of more eager people to go inside and have some fun. There’s really no way to describe how much fun you can have at the Victory Hotel unless you and check it out yourself.

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A Second Victory Hotel Review

Review by Julia Bartrim

The Victory is a welcoming, two-storey red-brick hotel on the intersection of Edward and Charlotte Street in the Brisbane CBD. Directly opposite is the Exchange and on Friday and Saturday nights crowds spill over onto the streets and mingle between the two venues.

The Vic bills itself as “Brisbane’s favourite meeting place” and has a reputation for being one of city’s most casual venues for a night out. A sign out the front of the Vic states “dress regulations apply” but, on a Friday night, this means jeans, casual teas and sneakers.

Inside the atmosphere is relaxed and casual, more open-air pub than sophisticated nightclub. The interior design is basic: the entrance, tiled in blue mosaic, gives way to cheap, patterned carpet in the central bar and to cement floor in the main beer garden. The lighting is bright. The walls are studded with TV screens tuned to sports channels and metallic tables and red bar stools clutter the open space. The low sound of the TV mingles with music from a live band and the conversations of a mix of uni students and office workers.

Drinks are reasonably priced. The VB sign at the apex of the Vic building gives an indication of the most popular beverage on offer. Although subject to change, a XXXX on tap will cost you approximately $4, a house wine $4.50 and a scotch $5.50.

Upstairs there is a small dance floor (complete with a glitter ball and its own bar) which, before around 11 pm, is almost silent. It is however more atmospheric upstairs, perhaps only because it is darker, it feels a little classier. Behind the bar, white frosted glasses hang from the racks, catching the light and juice machines churn silently, with frothy pink and green drinks. The room and adjoining lounge area are bathed in purple and green light.

Lacking the sophistication and style of some of Brisbane’s classier venues, the opportunity for good conversation is probably the Vic’s biggest drawcard. The open-roof, spacious design of the beer garden means the sound of the band is diffused and you can still carry on a conversation over the music.

And the music itself is guaranteed not to offend, being a mixture of classics like Paul Simon and Mark Morrison and more recent popular artists like Justin Timberlake and Shaggy as well as a mix of dance tracks.

If you are after a bite to eat, the Vic boasts a grill, offering a variety of grazier’s steaks and burgers. On Friday evenings there is a free sausage sizzle in the beer garden at 5 pm. However, on Friday nights after the sizzle, the Vic offers only alcohol and packets of chips.

Fortunately approximately 100m down the road there is a New York Slice Pizzeria which is open till the early hours of Saturday and Sunday mornings and next door to this is a kebab and pizza shop.

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A Third Victory Hotel Review

Review By Matthew Hart

The Victory Hotel has been a favourite among those in Brisbane as a great place to meet, have a drink, and party the night away. Open 7 days a week the venue offers food, an extensive array of beer and great drink deals.

For as long as I can remember there hasn't been a night where I haven't seen The Victory Hotel going off; quite simply because this venue delivers the goods. Get there on a Thursday night and expect the venue to be packed with students with a line halfway down the street. Friday afternoon/ night the work crowd fills the venue and is kept entertained by live music in the open air Beergarden. The party crowd dominates The Victory on a Saturday night as they dance the night away in the Dance Bar, the hotel's nightclub. To wind down for the week check out The Victory on a Sunday afternoon for a Sunday session while taking advantage of the venue's amazing drink deals that can't be beat.

With such a hive of activity taking place from Thursday to Sunday this venue dominates the city. After a tragic fire that damaged the venue some years ago the venue has literally risen from the ashes and secured its position as one of Brisbane's iconic and best venues.

I've visited The Victory on several occasions and have always had a great time on each occasion. On Thursday night I partied the night away in the Dance Bar alongside fellow students to top 40 tracks and old favourites until the sun began to stream through the windows. Friday and Saturday night I rubbed shoulders with the work crowd in the Beergarden and as the night began I ascended the stairs once again and partied hard in the Dance Bar. To round off the weekend or to just have a chilled out night with some friends I would head to the venue to listen to live bands in relaxed and friendly surroundings.

This venue has it all and definitely has something to offer everyone. Whether it be a few relaxed drinks with friends or a long night of tearing it up on the dancefloor this venue will deliver.

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